(Frequent Alpaca Attack Questions)

Q: More than one player just lost a game, so who goes first?

A: Rock, Paper, Scissors for it.

Q: Can you use a negate attack on another negate attack?

A: Yes. As many negates can be played consecutively, out of turn, by any player until everyone is out of them. Negating the first negate means the original attack still happens. Negating that (a total of 3 negates played) means the original attack does not happen.

Q: I just played a card out of turn (a negate attack) or I had a card taken from me by another player’s action, so when do I draw back up to 5 cards?
A: You always draw back up to 5 cards at the end of YOUR turn. You do not draw up to 5 any other time.

Q: When The Rug or Alpaca Packs are discarded, what order do the cards go in?
A: Whoever plays an action that discards multiple cards, decides the order of the discarded cards as they go into the discard pile. The original action card that started the discarding goes in first, of course. If you are dealing a new rug because everyone skipped, the player who is resetting the rug (who’s about to take their turn) decides the order of the discarded cards. (What card is left on top of the discard pile can sometimes be part of a player’s strategy.)

Q: Who decides which packs are discarded when an action to discard an Alpaca Pack is played?

A: The player that is forced to discard any of their own Alpaca Packs decide which of their packs they discard, unless the card’s action description says otherwise (i.e. Queen Alpaca).