Alpaca Attack
Official Rules

The game of sabotage and collection… and alpacas


Hello! Thanks for buying this totally awesome game about alpacas. It’s filled with alpacas, alpacas, and even more alpacas! (It has a lot of puns too.) Anyways, enough of this, here’s how to play…


First, deal 5 cards to each person (2 to 3 players). Once you have that done, lay 5 cards in a row facing upwards; this is called the rug. Next, to the side of the rug, (doesn’t matter which side) you will place the remaining deck face down. The opposite side of the rug will become the discard pile; discards are to be faced up.

Diagram of the card setup
Once your cards look like this, you’re ready to play!

Taking Turns

On your turn you can either trade with the rug, use an alpaca action, make an alpaca-pack (we know it’s a herd but alpaca-pack is catchy), or skip your turn. The players take turns going clockwise, starting with the player who lost a game last (any game). If everybody skips their turn, the first player that began skipping puts the rug in the discard pile and makes a new rug using cards from the top of the deck and starts their turn. When the deck runs out, shuffle the discard pile and use it as the new deck to draw from.

On Your Turn, Do ONE Of These…

Trade with the rug: When you trade with the rug, you take any one of your cards and replace it with any one of the cards on the rug.

Use an alpaca action: Use any alpaca’s ability (explained on the card being played). Once this is done, you place the used alpaca in the discard pile. If a card is used as an action, it is always discarded unless it specifically says otherwise.

Make an alpaca-pack: To make an alpaca-pack you must have three alpacas that have the same group name at the top but have a different alpaca name (like Fred, Bob, & Jeff). Once you have a complete pack, place it in front of you, face up, so the other players can see. Common alpaca-packs (blue) are 1 point, rare packs (purple) are 2 points, and legendary packs (yellow) are 3 points.

Skip: When you skip you do nothing and the next player’s turn starts.

Alpaca's playing cards at a table

Ending Your Turn

Always draw back up to 5 cards at the end of your turn!


The goal of the game is to reach a minimum of 6 points using the alpaca-packs. Whoever reaches this goal wins the game! As you play, do your best to cleverly sabotage other players to put them at a disadvantage and benefit yourself.

Enjoy Playing!